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4th Avenue Gym History

The gym was founded by David Haile in 1981 and was originally named 4th Avenue Olympic Gym. The original location was 1072 S. 4th Avenue next to the family barber shop, City Barber Shop. The barber shop is the oldest barber shop in Yuma and still operates in the same location on 4th Avenue today. The gym prided itself on being a good old fashioned weightlifters gym, holding multiple strong man competitions over the years. Ten years later in 1991, David relocated the gym to it's current facility at 300 W. 22nd Street. This new 14,000 sq.ft. facility offered more space with two raquet ball courts and an outdoor swimming pool among other amenities. The gym has still held weightlifter and raquet ball tournaments throughout the years. In 2020 the gym expanded again with the addition of the newest 20,000sq.ft. location at 7929 E. 32nd Street, in the Foothills area of Yuma, Arizona. This new facility offers an indoor basketball court, cross fit style stations, and indoor turf area in addition to the quality machines and free weights that members have come to know as standard at 4th Avenue Gym. The gym is still a good old fashioned weightlifters gym and prides itself on the feeling of family and community when you enter its doors. The gym is still locally owned and family run by the Hailes to this day. 

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