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The Fourth Avenue Gym Athletic Foundation was created in 2017 by 4th Ave Gym co-owner Justin Haile. The foundation mission is to provide athletic equipment and needed resources to Yuma County High School sports programs in Yuma Arizona. 

4th Ave Gym donates $1.00 from every shirt and day pass sold at the facility in addition to the generous yearly donations from local businesses & patrons.

The first year 2018 our fundraising raised $12,000 for area schools, year two 2019 raised $20,000, year three 2020 raised $30,000 and end year four 2021 during COVID  we raised $40,000 the end of the 2021 school year and this year as of 1-1-22 we are at $65k looking strong for our year end 5-1-22. This brings our total to $167K in 4.5 years!

Join us and donate to help make our high school sports programs the best they can be! 

To learn more about 4th Ave Gym, visit 

how it works.

The fundraising begins May of each year and lasts until the following May. 

In May, the local high schools are given a budget based on the total amount raised that year.

For instance, in 2021 each school was given $6,500 budget to create their wish list with. 

100% of the funds raised each year are given to local high schools.

The fund starts again at ZERO each season.

The schools then give their wish list of equipment/items to Justin Haile at 4th Ave Gym.

Justin takes the wish list and uses his over 28 years of experience and contacts in the gym industry to procure the best prices & deals for the schools, maximizing their budget.

After ordering every item personally, Justin and 4th Ave Gym staff members hand deliver and, if needed, install the equipment at each high school prior to the start of

Fall semester each year.



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